Air Conditioning Repair For Beginners

It is important to know that when fixing a unit, specifically with a central air conditioner that it has two main components. The first component is the condenser, which can be found somewhere on the side or back of your house. The second main part is the evaporator, which can be found on the duct junction somewhere on the furnace.

Now you need to determine why the air conditioning isn’t working. If the air conditioner system isn’t turning on, it could have something to do with a circuit breaker (blown) or a faulty fuse. Another reason could be something internally, like the switch or the thermostat.

Now for your own safety, I would recommend hiring some professional help when dealing with the huger problems concerning the central air conditioner.


One of the most common problems has something to do with the condenser. If the condenser does not work, try to see if the fuse is healthy or not. If so, give back the circuit. When the condenser comes on then out of nowhere turns off (multiple times), something could be blocking the condenser like grass, leaves, or some other type of junk. One problem that can happen is when the thermostat is set to high. This can cause the unit to stay hot. To fix this problem, lower the thermostat (obviously) or wipe off the fins. If these DIY tips did not solve the problem, this could mean something more serious. I’d suggest you call some professional help at this point to do the air conditioning repair.


Now lets talk about the second main part of the central air conditioner: the evaporator. If the evaporator stops working, then this caused by debris, which needs. Most experts in fixing units should know that the evaporator needs to be cleaned out at least two times per year.

Now before you clean out the evaporator, tools will be required:

  • A handheld mirror
  • cleaning brush (not a tooth brush)
  • flat head screwdriver
  • bleach

Okay so now that we have these tools, it’s time to take out the insulation. After that, you can start to clean out the whole evaporator, including under it. After everything is all nice and clean, you can begin to put the evaporator back in place. Make sure to put the insulator (the foil thing) back on last.

Now turn on the central air condition and see if you notice any improvements. If not, calling a professional technician might be needed.

This information might work for other types of repair such as heating and car air conditioning repair.