Why Electric Underfloor Heating

If you look for underfloor heating systems you will encounter many different names and brands of underfloor heating systems in the market today. This may lead you to believe that there are many different types of underfloor heating systems. They are the hydronic underfloor heating systems and the electric underfloor heating systems. Out of this the electric underfloor heating systems are fast becoming the most popular choice for underfloor heating. The reason for this preference are many.

The main reason why you should choose an underfloor heating system is the comfort and even heat distribution this kind of system gives you. In a room that has vintage gas or wood fireplace or a conventional radiator with temperature varies a lot throughout the room. Near the fireplace or radiator the room temperature maybe around 60°C to 70°C but the more you go from the heat source the temperature drops until the farthest areas of the room may well have an unbearable temperature though you have a heat source install in the room.

But underfloor heating systems don’t have this anomaly. If you install a floor heating system in a room for instance to achieve a temperature at floor level of 25°C you can be sure you will find the temperature anywhere in the room at floor level the same. Thus you will achieve the primary aim of a heating source or heating system, names provide the optimum comfort to occupants.

Now for the reasons choosing a electric underfloor heating system. The main reason to install a electric system is its reliability and ease of maintenance. Electric heating not only provides optimum comfort environments but is also is more durable than the hyronic heating systems which mainly uses water heating and water tubing to achieve the desired temperature changes.

The other main reason for electric floor heating is economy or saving money and energy. Today there is a lot of talk about green energy and environmental effects of the products we use. While electric underfloor heating is much more environmentally friendly than having a wood or gas fireplace it is also better than hydronic floor heating systems. In fact, electric floor heating systems help meet Government energy saving requirements a lot with its economic and lower use of electricity.

With an underfloor system, you heat the places that matter the most which are mainly near your feet. I say your electric floor heating is achieving a temperature at the floor level of 20°C, the average temperature as the height increases in the room will be lower but it will be even throughout the room and thereby make the occupants more comfortable wherever they are. Though we may like it if there was no reduction in temperature at different heights levels this is the best heating system we have achieved so far and this reduction in heat significantly affects your overall heating costs.